Your First Chiropractor Visit: What to Expect

If you have never been to a chiropractor, you may feel nervous and uncertain what to expect. There is no need to feel anxious; here is a summary of what you can expect at the first visit to the chiropractor.

Learning the Benefits of Chiropractic Therapy

What is the purpose?

In your first visit your chiropractor will want to learn more about you and diagnose the source of any pain or physical issues. With your input, an effective treatment plan will be designed. Your first visit focuses mostly on discussing symptoms, completing an examination, and possibly conducting some tests (such as X-rays). You may be able to begin treatment in that first appointment.

Your First Chiropractor Visit: What to Expect

Will it be painful?

If you are concerned about physical discomfort during or after your visit, there’s no need for worry. Chiropractic care involves gentle pressure and rarely causes discomfort. By remaining relaxed during your treatment, and focusing on how great you’ll feel afterward, you can breathe through anxiety. Your chiropractor speak with you every step of the way and explain the purpose of each adjustment.


Is chiropractic care just for my back?

While adjustments to your spine are certainly part of the description, most chiropractors offer a holistic approach. With the understanding that everything is connected in the body and a “tweak” in one place might cause pain elsewhere, the chiropractor will address any issues you are experiencing. Sufferers from headaches are carpal tunnel syndrome have found relief through chiropractic treatment.

Your First Chiropractor Visit: What to Expect

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