Tips from PT Experts on Managing Rheumatoid Arthritis

People suffering from rheumatoid arthritis (RA) will attest to the fact that physical therapy will certainly be very beneficial in managing pain and other symptoms associated with this disease. To get the most out of physical therapy when dealing with RA, some PT experts offer these tips and suggestions.

Work with a Therapist Experienced in RA

While admitting that physical therapy is good for rheumatoid arthritis, more improvement may be realized when working with a therapist who has really an extensive knowledge working with RA patients. PT also covers a wide range of medical conditions and there is always the tendency to specialize on a specific condition. Getting a therapist who may be considered an expert on RA may allow him or her to come up with a specific program that will address your specific needs and requirements.

Avoid Missing Any Session

Just like in any regular exercises, it is so easy to postpone a session simply by rationalizing the absence as due to painful joints, not feeling well, or any other reason that will justify the absences. Experts say that this should not be tolerated except on cases where it really hurts. For any average pain, what patient may do is lighten the exercises or focus on other exercise that does not involve the painful area.

Do Not Forget to Do Aerobic Exercises

There is a tendency for some patients to concentrate on exercises designed to relieve pain, restore strength and function, and increase range of motion. While these exercises are fit for an RA patient’, experts always remind patients to do aerobic exercises. This does not only benefit the arthritic patients in their conditions but may also enhance overall health. This does not have to be strenuous and tiring and may even the very common brisk walking.

It pays to engage in aerobic exercises because these dramatically lower the risks of diabetes and heart related injuries, conditions that are very common among those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. An expert advises that in order to prevent any boredom or the tendency to, it would be best working with a partner. With a partner, there is less chance of postponing an exercise; there is someone who can teach you the proper technique techniques; and the whole exercise allows you to enjoy the moment with someone

Have a Warm Shower to Warm Up

If you wake up feeling tired and painful, an RA specialist recommends that you take a warm shower to get some kind of relief of the pain felt in the mornings. Another way to loosen up is to do some easy exercises such as wrist and arm exercises or apply hot and cold applications. Warm-water therapies may also be worth a try especially with its features of constantly pouring in warm water.