Stop letting Tendonitis keep you from doing what you want

Tendonitis is a painful condition of inflammation of tendons, the connective tissues that connect muscles to bones. Most commonly, this inflammation occurs in the shoulders and elbows of athletes. However, tendonitis can occur in any tendon depending on an individual’s activities. For example, rock climbers may develop tendonitis in the joints of their fingers, whereas patellar tendonitis which affects the knee is common in basketball players or jumpers. Tendonitis can also occur in people with active, high impact jobs such as construction workers. “Tennis elbow,” “golfer’s elbow,” “pitcher’s shoulder,” and “jumper’s knee” are all common names for common types of tendonitis.


Tendonitis is often a painful condition which limits activity levels, and without treatment, tendons can become inflamed again and again. At Promedx Sports Injury & Wellness Center, we offer tendonitis treatment in Thornhill.

Symptoms of Tendonitis

Tendonitis can present with a variety of symptoms from minor aches and pains to severe burning sensations. In severe cases, it can cause the joint to become swollen and red. The pain is usually worst during or immediately after activity, but it can persist for days, and may become inflamed again after subsiding when activity is resumed.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Tendonitis

In order to treat tendonitis it’s important to make sure it is in fact tendonitis and not other, similar injuries or conditions such as tendonosis or a sprain or tear. Making this diagnosis is important, as chronic or severe tendinitis can lead to ruptures of the tendons, requiring surgical intervention. At Promedx Sports Injury & Wellness Center, our staff is trained to identify tendonitis and treat it effectively, to prevent worsening or recurrence.

Treating tendonitis often takes time and a little rest and care. Because we know you need to be better and back in action, we can develop a treatment plan that will heal your tendons as quickly as possible. In addition to medication and rest, physical or occupational therapy, or orthotic devices, can all be part of effective and quick treatment for tendonitis. If you’re seeking tendonitis treatment in Thornhill, Promedx Sports Injury & Wellness Center is the right choice.

Promedx Sports Injury & Wellness Center

Tendonitis can be a serious setback to an athletic schedule or a major obstacle for physical laborers. Don’t let tendonitis get in the way of your activities! Call Promedx Sports Injury & Wellness Center at (905) 882-7688 or use our online tool to make an appointment today. With our highly trained and diverse clinical staff, Promedx Sports Injury & Wellness Center is the best place for tendonitis treatment in Thornhill.