Plantar Fasciitis

Planters Fasciitis Help Is Avaliable

Plantar Fasciitis ThornhillDid you know that planter’s fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain? It is a very common condition that can go away on its own over a period. However, there are cases when it is constant, and the pain can be unrelenting. At Promedx Sports Injury & Wellness Center, your plantar fasciitis is our concern. More than two million Americans suffer from this condition every day.

It is often called “heel pain syndrome,” or “jogger’s heel,” as it affects one or both of the heels. The problem is internal and caused by pressure. The plantar fascia connects to the calcaneal tubercle. When there is pressure put on this fascia, it causes swelling and tenderness that in return causes a great deal of pain for the area affected. It’s all confusing, but the plantar fascia is a thick rubbery band of connective tissue that starts at the medial tubercle and frontal part of the heel bone. From here, the fascia spreads along to the sole, finally injecting at the base of the toes. It helps to support the foot’s arch.

Numerous things can trigger planters fasciitis, like incorrect shoe fittings, being overweight, shock, and deterioration. If you need Plantar Fasciitis treatment in Thornhill, there are numerous treatments that we can use to correct this problem, most of which require removing the pressure that alleviates the pain.

Signs and Symptoms

So how do you know if your pain is caused by plantar fasciitis? The pain is usually very sharp. In seventy percent of the cases, it is unilateral. Bearing weight on this tender area can increase the pain. The pain is often most severe upon first getting out of bed. It usually lessens as movement stretches the sore tissues.

Common Treatment Procedures

From night splinting to anti-inflammatory medications, there’s no one answer for everyone. However, as a soft tissue specialist, we have found that reducing the tension on the plantar fascia through manipulative treatment is often beneficial in restoring normal joint mechanics. Low-Dye taping of the base of the foot is also a vital part of the successful treatment plan of plantar fasciitis.

We can help you reverse the pain and inflammation. Our goal is to empower you to live a pain-free life. Yes, this is an agonizing condition, but it’s not unmanageable. Through some lifestyle modifications, manipulation of the soft tissues, and rehabilitation exercises you can do at home, we can help you overcome this issue.

Plantar Fasciitis treatment in Thornhill

When you need help to rid yourself of the daily pain attached with this condition, it is best to get assistance from a professional. Self-medicating can only bring relief for some, and for others the use of anti-inflammatory drugs can be upsetting to the stomach. Call today for an appointment to see how we can help you deal with your planters fasciitis.