Getting Off On the Wrong Foot: Orthotic Therapy Helps Chronic Pain

Most people know of orthotics as a form of treatment for fallen arches (more commonly known as flat feet). However, there is a lot more to orthotics treatment. Orthotics help with relieving chronic pain throughout the foot which can also affect other parts of the body (e.g. the legs and lower back). Pain can be considered chronic if it is experienced for more than three months.

Orthotic treatment helps remedy chronic pain located in the lower extremities by targeting the feet. Feet and legs are naturally subjected to a lot of stress from walking and running. If one area of the body starts to flag in its function, the other parts put in extra effort to compensate, which is how pain and tiredness in the feet can spread to affect other areas of the lower body. Pinpointing the problem areas in the foot can help alleviate resulting stress and pain on the lower body area.

Getting Off On the Wrong Foot

Orthotics are custom made inserts meant to be worn inside shoes. These inserts are designed specifically to address foot (and other physical) problems. Orthotics are needed once a biomechanical assessment shows your feet have become misaligned. The aim of orthotics treatment is to align feet properly with the rest of the body and get the entire system running smoothly again.

Orthotics implants work as a support to specific areas of an individual’s feet, to prevent unwanted motion that might contribute to misalignment of the body.

Getting Off On the Wrong Foot

Listed below are some ways orthotic therapy helps with chronic pain in the lower body:

1. Reduce the risk of physical injury. The more misaligned a foot gets, the more likely it is vulnerable to injury. This is because connected tendons and ligaments may become strained and eventually injured from too much pressure. By using orthotics, the strain on feet is lightened and reduces the risk of lower body injuries.

2. Improve athletic performance. By helping with balance and circulation, orthotics relieve pressure placed on the foot with every step. Relieving that pressure can relieve strain on the knee, the pelvis area, and the spine.

Getting Off On the Wrong Foot

3. Balance lower extremity pressure. The use of orthotics helps balance the pressure placed on lower extremities. By providing equal balance, pain resulting from physical exertion can be alleviated with better equilibrium.

4. Improve circulation. Orthotics help blood circulate better by allowing the pressure to be distributed equally on the underside of the foot, allowing more even blood flow every time the foot meets with any impact.

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