Why a Morning Stretch Boosts Energy

How do you feel throughout the day? If you struggle to maintain energy levels and find yourself feeling less than optimal, consider adding a simple stretching regimen to the morning. There are many benefits to this practice, which wakes up the body and helps you begin the day with a positive outlook. Let's look at a few reasons why this is such a healthful practice.

Why a Morning Stretch Boosts Energy

1. Improves Circulation

When you wake in the morning and begin the day with a stretch, you put your body into positions that elongate muscles, move joints through full range of motion, and positively affect your entire body. This “whole body movement” allows blood to flow unobstructed through veins and arteries to all the places it’s needed. Blood delivers important oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and organs. A healthy circulation system improves a person’s energy levels throughout the day.

2. Starts Your Day Positively

Give your body some love and attention in the morning, and set up your day for success. By prioritizing self care through stretching, you shift your mindset to a positive place. This opens the pathway for better decisions throughout the day.

Why a Morning Stretch Boosts Energy

3. Prevents Injury

When muscles become tense and stiff, your body structure cannot function optimally. Stretching encourages joint health. As you elongate muscles, they release tension and can help your body perform better. Knotted muscles, skeletal misalignment, and tightened tendons and ligaments can pull, strain, or otherwise injure your body. Stretching prevents discomfort.

4. Encourages Flexibility and Freedom of Motion

If you want to maintain or improve flexibility as you age, start stretching each and every morning. Your hamstrings, back, neck, shoulder, wrists, fingers, and toes will thank you. Bodies are meant for movement.

Why a Morning Stretch Boosts Energy

5. Activity Throughout the Day Is Easier

Once you begin a morning stretching routine and practice it consistently, you will find that regular daily activities become easier. If you elongate muscles and move joints through their range of motion, you are less likely to feel tweaks and strains when participating in activities like running, skiing, or tennis.

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