Heel Spur

Stop suffering from Heel Spurs in Thornhill!

Heel Spur ThornhillHeel spurs are an often painful condition where calcium deposits build up on the underside of the heel. It is often associated with plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the connective tissue on the underside of the foot. People with both sedentary and active lifestyles can experience bone spurs, and may need to seek heel spur treatment in Thornhill. Fortunately, PromedX Sports Injury & Wellness Center can help you stop suffering and get back on your feet.

Causes of Heel Spurs

People need to seek heel spur treatment in Thornhill for many reasons. The main causes of heel spurs are strains on the ligaments of the foot, common in athletes who engage in a lot of running and jumping. When these calcium deposits develop, they can be painful. Risk factors include abnormal gaits, running or jogging on pavement, old shoes with insufficient padding, or increased activity in new runners trying to lose weight.

Other contributing factors are jobs where people are on their feet all day, or which require people to frequently engage in short bursts of activity. In addition to athletes, anyone from store clerks to police officers may be at risk of developing heel spurs.

No matter what the cause, you can find heel spur treatment in Thornhill at PromedX Sports Injury & Wellness Center. Our highly trained staff can assess the causes of bone spurs and, more importantly, they can provide treatment to get you active again.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Heel Spurs

Heel spurs are often initially recognized as pain, often associated with plantar fasciitis. Until an x-ray shows visible spurs, this is referred to as heel spur syndrome. With an x-ray, our staffs are able to definitively diagnose heel spurs, and begin treatment.

After assessing for heel spurs, our skilled treatment providers can provide non-surgical treatments for your heel spurs. These treatments include special stretches, inserts or orthotics, or physical therapy that can help reduce the buildup of calcium deposits. After treating the heel spurs, we can also recommend ways to make sure they don’t come back. These preventative treatments will ensure you can move forward with your training or job without developing heel spurs again.

PromedX Can Help!

Promedx Sports Injury & Wellness Center in Thornhill, Ontario is able to treat your heel spurs and help make sure they don’t come back. If you’re suffering of heel spurs, or other sports related injuries or conditions, give us a call at (905) 882-7688, or use our online tool, and schedule your appointment now!