Divert Your Stress: Massage Therapy and Mental Health Benefits

Stress is probably a global concept by now. It seems everyone experiences it in some form. There is good stress — the type which is beneficial for motivation. Then there’s bad stress — the kind that prevents you from making progress. Negative stress is also detrimental to physical health, as it can worsen the condition of many chronic illnesses.

Massage Therapy and Mental Health Benefits

There are various ways to relax and get rid of stress. Among these, a massage can alleviate physical and mental stress by loosening tight muscles and relaxing the joints. Massage therapy is the physical manipulation of muscles, joints, and tendons in the body. It is often used as a form of relaxation therapy, in addition to its benefits in physiotherapy. Here are some additional benefits to massage therapy, listed below:

Relieves General Stress

A massage administered by a well-trained and registered massage therapist can help alleviate stress accumulated in your body. Massages can help alleviate pain and chronic tension while reducing heart rate and blood pressure.

Massage Therapy and Mental Health Benefits

Your body’s natural “happy hormones” are released in the brain during a massage, and contribute to the body’s overall sense of relaxation. A good massage helps distract us from the stress of everyday life, and lets our body and mind relax. It also can reduce fatigue and depression.

Relieves Physical Symptoms

When an event triggers bad stress in your body, certain areas tense. If the body is not given enough time to recover from the stress and is constantly exposed to this tension, the muscles may remain in this state. Chronic tension often leads to other physical symptoms, such as back pain, joint ache, and neck pain, to name a few. Massage therapy provides relief. It can also relieve tension headaches.

Massage Therapy and Mental Health Benefits

Helps You Sleep Better

Being stressed can result in difficulty sleeping at night. Lack of sleep can contribute to poor mental health and lead to chronic illness. Relaxation massage helps alleviate symptoms of insomnia, leading to better sleep quality. Because this therapy does not require any pharmaceutical aid, it helps increase the quality of your sleep without having to resort to chemical solutions.

Stress is something that can be managed. At Promedx Sports Injury and Wellness Center we seek to help anyone suffering from negative stress. We provide a variety of methods, from massage therapy to active release therapy. Call us at (905) 882-7688 or email us at info@promedx.ca to take the first step in reducing the stress in your life.