Corflex Foot Braces & Supports

ProMedX Corflex E/N Lumbar SupportCorflex E/N Lumbar Support. Tapered elastic side panels with neoprene back panel with pocket. Double-pull tension strap for added compression and support. Available in 9 inch widths and 12 inch widths.

ProMedX Corflex Contour Back Support

Corflex Contour Back Support. Specially contoured front panel to accommodate hip area. Double pull elastic tension strap for compression and support.

ProMedX Corflex Disc Unloader

Corflex Disc Unloader. Its modular design provides relief from chronic and acute back pain by unloading pressure off the lumbar disc and shifting the load to the abdominal region. Includes optional rigid inserts and a posterior gel insert for hot and cold therapy.