Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back Pain During PregnancyAs soon as you become pregnant your natural centre of gravity begins to shift forward. In hand with the progression of your baby’s growth, your weight begins to shift forward as well. “It’s crucial that you work on core and pelvic strength prior to, during and after pregnancy, as you are prone to lower back and pelvic pain and instability during and after pregnancy,” says Dr. Fabio Di Stefano, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and Clinic Director. “Keeping muscles and joints relaxed with a strong pelvic/abdominal region allows for an easier delivery with less pain.” Massage is very popular and can help ease the load on your heart, keep your blood pressure in check, improve lymphatic and circulatory systems to help control the onslaught of varicose veins and has even been known to relieve depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes. Massage during pregnancy increases blood circulation, which provides more oxygen and nutrients to both yourself and the baby. Endorphins are also released into your body helping sleep come more easily and more deeply following massage treatment. Acupuncture has been used to help ease back pain for centuries and works by applying pressure through various techniques. Acupuncture can help relieve your back pain, nausea, insomnia, pelvic pain and even depression. Chiropractic care is also desirable as your chiropractor can reduce the stresses and strains on the joints and muscles, as a safe, gentle alternative to pain medication. Your chiropractor will take special care and make close observation of any postural changes, including difficulty walking. They will observe and watch for changes to the ribcage to accommodate your ‘bump’ as well as changes to soft tissue or swelling. “Common conditions during and after pregnancy are sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and lumbar/pelvic pain. Massage, acupuncture and chiropractic can assist by alleviating such conditions, decreasing the likelihood of these conditions persisting after pregnancy,” says Dr. Di Stefano. At Promedx Sports Injury and Wellness Centre their team of health care professionals can help you through this wonderful time of life. Let them help your pregnancy be the beautiful experience you imagined. Contact them today at 905-882-7688.